After watching any of her performances and hearing her sing, one thing becomes crystal clear, Pam Steebler has an immense amount of talent and her voice is not one to be forgotten.

The Canadian-Brazilian singer begun developing her musical skills and deep appreciation for singing very early. At the age of five, Pam started singing at a church’s choir and her family and friends discovered the magnitude of her voice. By the age of twelve she wrote her first song and hasn’t stopped making music ever since. The singer worked at studios, gigged as back-up singer for other artists and bands and received a scholarship to study at the world renowned Berklee College of Music, where she graduated in Performance and Songwriting.

Pam Steebler recently released her debut EP “Give In”, named after one of her five original songs recorded at Avatar Studios.

She has been promoting its release at venues across the East Coast, such as The Middle East Downstairs, The Cutting Room, The Iridium, and The Living Room. “Help Me Out”, the EP’s powerful ballad, was recently placed in the movie “Worthy” which was released with great acclaim at the Newport Beach Film Festival 2015. As a recognition of her talent, Pam Steebler shared the stage with great artists such as Dana Fuchs, Annie Lennox, Willie Nelson, Carole King, among othaers. 

We can definitely hear a bit of Pam’s compatriots and strong references Joni Mitchell and Alanis Morissette, as well as Joss Stone, Bruno Mars, Allen Stone, Adele and Grace Potter throughout “Give In”, but she managed to work as a catalyst of all of these references, and created something very original that sometimes takes us all the way back to the eighties and “The Commitments”. The tracks embody and translate in sound Pam Steebler’s art quite literally. The rock sounding grooves bring out her strength as a female artist, the pop feel of the EP highlights her fun personality and ‘joie de vivre’, and her soulful vocals take us on a journey through her life and deep into her soul.