Brazilian/Canadian artist Pam Steebler, is best known for her amazing vocal ability and innovative songwriting in the Indie Pop genre. After winning best NYC emerging artist at The Deli Magazine, for her debut album "Give In", Pam released a series of singles in 2018, including "Noise" and "Girls" where she joins indie pop beats with powerhouse vocals.
Steebler was born in Canada, grew up in Brazil, and is now based in Brooklyn, so when you listen to Pam's music, and can't quite put a finger on what makes it different, be sure that it is a mixture of being exposed and living in a variety of different cultures. In her voice you'll hear influences that go from Alanis Morissette to Demi Lovato; and listening to her songs you'll find yourself going from holding back tears, to feeling pure ecstasy.





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